History & Background

Datable Technology Corporation (DTC), formerly named 3TL Technologies Corp. is the parent company of 3 tier logic.

3 tier logic was founded in February 2008 by technology entrepreneurs Robert Craig and Carlos Yong. The Company was created to provide organizations with dramatic and meaningful improvements in consumer engagement and communication via digital and social media technologies. 3 tier logic’s goal is to provide disruptive solutions to existing methods of digital marketing. To achieve this, the Company has built PLATFORM3, a proprietary digital marketing platform.

Industry Overview

3 tier logic operates in the consumer Internet Advertising sector, which is expected to grow to $185B per year by 2017. Internet Advertising uses the Internet to deliver promotional and marketing messages to consumers through email marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, display advertising and mobile advertising. 3 tier logic provides strategic and technological solutions to consumer brands that allow them to connect with their consumers through these channels.

Emerging technologies have dramatically changed how people communicate with each other and how they consume information. Today, consumers use multiple devices and multiple communication channels. They have more control over the content they see and they have unprecedented access to product information and purchase advice from other consumers. Traditional “push” marketing and mass media “spray-and-pray” tactics have decreased in effectiveness. Consumers don’t want to be told what to buy and why to buy it from brands. Instead, they prefer to share with other consumers, through social media, what they want to buy and why. For the consumer, this activity has nothing to do with marketing; it is a means of socializing. 3 tier logic provides a highly evolved technology solution to enable brands to tap into this activity as a marketing opportunity.

Market Opportunity

Traditional methods of engaging consumers are not as effective as they used to be. Consumer trust in television, radio and print advertising has decreased significantly in recent years. While spending on traditional advertising has increasingly shifted to Internet advertising, trust in digital advertising has also declined and brands struggle to achieve significant return on investment in this space too.

According to the Nielsen Trust in Advertising Report, the most trusted form of advertising is “friend-to-friend” recommendations. People trust the opinions of people they know more than advertisements, regardless of whether the ad is seen offline or online. Technology has not changed this, but it has changed how consumers share opinions with their friends.

Because of the explosive growth of social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, consumers are now connected to hundreds or even thousands of friends and can communicate with them collectively and in real time. Increasingly, consumers use social networks to share their opinions of and experiences with and about leading brands. The number of likes, follows, posts, tweets, comments, pictures, videos, hashtags and check-ins consumers share about brands every day is astounding.

This surge in social media activity has made it increasingly challenging for brands to sort through the clutter, to identify consumers who recommend their brand, and to connect with and engage them. In today’s competitive marketplace, in which more brands are chasing fewer consumer dollars and consumer attention is taxed to the limit, brands must be able to identify, target and establish relationships with high value consumers, digital advocates and ambassadors. Moreover, brands need to track meaningful and tangible results in the form of consumer data, purchases, and return-on-investment (ROI). PLATFORM3 offers all of these features and more.

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